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The patented B5 Enhanced SOPMOD Stock Insert adds another QD attachment point to your B5 Enhanced SOPMOD Stock. If you own this stock, with or without the QD attachment point, then this Insert is for you!


Once the insert is installed in the front cavity of your stock it places your sling in the ideal location, behind the pistol grip but not at the rear of your stock. This position means the sling never comes in contact with your hand. When you shoulder your weapon it feels like you don’t even have a sling on your gun. Also, it allows your sling to pivot up to 200 degrees when used with the Swinger™ Sling Mount or up to 140 degrees with a standard QD. Installation is quick and easy.


WARNING: The B5 Enhanced SOPMOD Stock Insert is only compadiable with the B5 Enhanced

SOPMOD Stock is not compadiable with any other B5 Systems product.


The B5 Enhanced SOPMOD Stock Insert and the LMT SOPMOD Stock Insert ARE NOT interchangeable. Please click here if you need the LMT SOPMOD Stock Insert.


Not compadiable with any other stocks.


    • Adds a QD attachment point to the front of the B5 Enhanced SOPMOD Stock.
    • Ideal accessory if you own the GOVT/LE version of this stock since they have no QD attachment point.
    • Currently in use with military, law enforcement, and government agencies 
    • Constructed from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum with a MIL-SPEC Type III hard anodized coating. 
    • Anchored with a 3/16" stainless steel roll pin
    • Installation is easy and takes less than 3 minutes
    • Manufactured in the United States
    • Stock not included
    • Swinger™ Sling Mount is sold separately      
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