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This policy governs non-discrimination based on attributes outlined in equal employment laws, including gender identity and expression. It complements T10's core values.

Tech10 expects equitable, dignified and respectful treatment for all members of our organization and partners. Retaliation will not be tolerated against those exercising their right to report discrimination.

All personnel shape our inclusive culture. The CEO maintains ultimate accountability. Our CPO leads implementation in partnership with leadership.

An Equality Council oversees progress. Regular reporting to executives ensures alignment. We evaluate impact through data analysis of our workforce and practices.

Comprehensive E&I onboarding and ongoing training is required for all roles.

Complaint Procedure
Reports of discrimination, harassment or bullying will be addressed promptly, impartially and confidentially per employee policies.

Monitoring & Review
The CPO coordinates regular reviews involving leadership, external experts and employee representatives. Continuous improvement aims to strengthen our policies.

Cements Our Values
Tech10 fosters an atmosphere where uniqueness is championed and all thrive equitably. Our E&I commitment undergirds who we are.

Effective Date: September 2023 Review Date: August 2025

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