The T10 ALPHA Sling is designed to take some serious abuse. Built on resin-treated mil-spec webbing, stitched in GORE TENARA tread, and secured with a 316 stainless steel slider buckle finished in a DLC coating, this sling can handle any operating condition you give it and is resistant to saltwater, acid rain, UV light, extreme temperatures, extreme weather, chemicals and gas. Comes with our Safe-Break Pull Tab System, where the pull tab is designed to break off if snagged during CQB operations. We believe this is the strongest and most versatile sling on the market.




The T10 ALPHA Sling Series is the ultimate solution when it comes to a combat sling. Designed specifically to meet the demands of the US military forces, Allies, and Law Enforcement, this sling can do it all. Ocean, desert, forest, swamp, and urban environments the ALPHA Sling has you covered. This is one piece of gear you don't have to think twice about or wonder if it will quit before you do.


All ALPHA Series Slings feature a patented 316 stainless steel slider buckle professionally finished in a DLC Coating, sewn on to resin-treated mil-spec webbing and secured with GORE® TENARA® Thread. This combination of materials is ideal for operators who work on the water or coastlines or move from one extreme to the next.



This patented design is CNC machined from a solid block of 316 stainless steel and is professionally finished with a DLC coating to help fight the elements. It also features precision machined edges into the sides for a strong secondary grip even while wearing gloves.



Our proprietary slide stop limits the progression of the buckle, so it won’t get wrapped around your QD at the front of your rail. The slide stop is constructed of a polymer strip sandwiched between two layers of webbing and held together with industrial grade adhesive. Then we add two box stitches with size 92 GORE® TENARA® thread to hold everything in place.


GORE® TENARA® sewing Thread resists UV sunlight, chemicals, saltwater, extreme weather, acid rain, and is ideal for outdoor applications and will not degrade over time like other thread.