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If you’ve ever installed or removed a receiver end plate on a rifle, you know how annoying it can be — cautiously holding the detent spring in place with a razor, desperately hoping it doesn’t pop out and fly across the room. We got sick and tired of that, so we developed a solution. The patented SAG Receiver End Plate ensures your detent spring stays secure during installation and/or removal. The end plate is almost identical to others on the market, with one exception: a small, perfectly sized hole located on the inward face to hold the detent spring in place. Never lose a spring (or your sanity) again!


Click here for instal instrucjtions.


WARNING: Please be careful for counterfeit SAG™ End Plates. Tech Ten Tactical is the orginial Spring Assisted Guide™ End Plate and hold the patent to this product. Purching directly from Tech Ten Tactical or our autorized dealers ensures you're getting the authentic protect, made to our strick manufacturing specifications and quality control requirements.



$10.95 일반가
    • Standard M16/M4/AR15 design
    • Magnesium phosphate coating
    • Firmly secures the detent spring in place for easy installation and removal
    • Manufactured with pride in the United States
    • *Patent#10,845,139
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