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This system is designed by veterans, manufactured in the United States, and is in use with military, law enforcement, and civilians alike.


Take rifle maneuverability and modularity to the next level with the fully-kitted out T10 ALPHA + 2:1 Point Sling, Swinger™ SOPMOD Stock, and Swinger™ Sling Mount.


The T10 ALPHA Sling is designed to take some serious abuse.

Built with solution dyed nylon webbing, stitched with thread that will not deteriorate from UV sunlight or breakdown from being in saltwater and sewn on to a 316 stainless steel buckle with a Nitride finish.

This sling is designed to handle any operating condition you encounter. From extreme temperatures, and extreme weather, this sling will not let you down.

Our sling also features our Safe-Break Pull Tab System. This pull tab is designed to break away if snagged during CQB, waterborne operations, bailing out of a vehicle, or any situation where a normal thumb loop sling can cause you to get stuck.

We believe this is the strongest and most versatile sling on the market.



The T10 ALPHA Sling Series is the ultimate solution when it comes to a combat sling. Designed specifically to exceed the demands of the US military forces, Allies, and Law Enforcement, this sling can do it all. Ocean, desert, forest, swamp, and urban environments the ALPHA Sling has you covered. This is one piece of gear you don't have to think twice about or wonder if it will quit before you do.



*It’s important to note that the Safe-Break Pull Tab System causes no damage

to the sling and the operator can continue the mission even without the pull tab attached to the buckle.


Swinger SOPMOD Stock Color
ALPHA 2:1 Point Sling Color
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