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Safe-Break Pull Tab System Kit is designed for use with all T10 Modular Slings and is a critical aspect of the Modular Operator's System (MOS)™.  The pull-tab is made of mil-spec tubeular webbing, and stiched with GORE TENARA Thread. The thumb cables are stainless steel, coated in rubber-like materal for corrosion resistance and comfort. 


The Safe-Break Pull Tab System is desigend to allow the operator to contiune moving quickly if, in the rare occasion, the thumb loop becomes snagged in CQB. The thumb loop will break-away at 180lbs if snagged. This system causes no damage to the sling if the thumb loop breaks off. If the pull-tab becomes lost during an operation, simply use the agressive secondary grip on the patented T10 Modular Operator's Sling Steel Buckle to operate the sling.


NOTE: Steel buckle, sling, and QD not included.





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    • MOS™
    • Available in Black
    • Constructed from 1-1/2" wide MIL-SPEC tubular webbing
    • Sewn with GORE TENARA Thread
    • Thumb loops desigend to break at 180lbs if snagged in an emergency. 
    • Zip-ties desigend to break at 60lbs if snagged in an emergency.
    • Made in the United States
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